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Cattle Ranch Management

  • The secret to low-cost cow-calf cattle farming - how to be profitable regardless of cattle prices and the weather. Four-part article series:
  • Sustainable Cattle Farming Tips - a primer on the right way (and the wrong way) to incorporate low-cost pasture-based farming practices into your cattle farming strategy.
  • Who do we trust? Assessing the safety of common agricultural products used by the cattle industry.

Quiz Yourself


  • Spring Calving - An Ounce of Prevention... -  this essential survival guide for farmers who have not yet made the switch to summer calving features 22 of my favorite strategies to increase calf survival, reduce calving problems, reduce post-calving diseases, and make life easier for both you and your cow herd during a spring or winter calving season.
  • Calving on Pasture - learn how to manage your calving program on pasture in the midst of a daily pasture rotation.

Genetic Selection, Breeding, and Cattle Fertility

Cómo la grasa corporal en el momento del parto determina la fertilidad del ganado
  • Beef Cattle Breeds - This article explains the step-by-step selection process to follow when choosing the perfect cattle breed (or breed combination) to suit your cow-calf ranching strategy.
  • Purebred vs Crossbred vs Mixed Breed Cattle - Which is the right fit for your farm? (Part 1/2)    (Part 2/2)
  • 42-Day Cattle Breeding - why using a 42-day breeding season (or less) is essential for improving the genetics on your cattle ranch.
  • Lifelong Beef Cattle Fertility - Calving date, as well as pasture quality and body fat during adolescence will affect the fertility of your breeding stock for the rest of their adult lives.

Grazing + Pasture Rotation

The Core Grazing Rules (series)

  • Grazing Management Summary - a handy stripped-down reference list of the seven Core Grazing Rules that every grass fed beef producer needs to know in their sleep.
Las siete reglas para una gestión exitosa del pastoreo
La Rotación Diaria de Pradera
Cómo utilizar el pastoreo para reducir los costos de alimentación de tu ganado
Pastoreo Racional Voisin - Entrevista con Daniel Suárez

Cattle Nutrition

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  • Cattle Nutrition Tips - strategies to safely reduce your cattle's nutritional requirements so you can extend your grazing season even deeper into the winter.
  • Beef Cattle Management - how to use your electric fence grid to influence everything from disease resistance and cattle fertility to weight gains and feed costs. Your electric fence grid is your cheapest tool in cattle management toolbox!

Grass and Soil

Pasture Management with Electric Fences (series)

Electric Fencing

The Smart Electric Fence Grid - Planning and Construction (series)

    Permanent Electric Fence Corridors

    Portable Electric Cross-Fences

    Integrating Cattle Water into your Electric Fence Grid

    Electric Fencing and Cattle Water in the Winter

Livestock Water

  • Cattle Water Requirements - How to calculate daily cattle water requirements and peak demand flow rates for your rotational grazing program.
  • Mobile Cattle Water - how to build your own mobile cattle watering system for your pasture rotation.
  • Livestock Water Corral - Construction tips for building a central water site for your rotational grazing program.

Grass Finishing

The Seven Unbreakable Rules for Producing Great Beef (series)

These simple but strict rules are key to finishing beef cattle, regardless of whether you are finishing cattle on grain in a feedlot or on grass in a pasture. 

The seven unbreakable rules for producing great beef (article series - intro page)

  1. Microscopic fat cells within the muscle fibers makes meat tender.

  2. The 'finished weight' when an animal is fat enough for slaughter will vary from breed to breed and depends on the frame size of the individual animal.

  3. A meat animal must be gaining weight at the time it is slaughtered.

  4. Cattle stress makes meat tough and flavorless.

  5. Nutritional stress is as damaging, or more damaging, than handling stress.

  6. The side-effects of stress can last weeks or even months after the stress itself is over.

  7. Cooking techniques are just as important to beef tenderness and flavor as what the farmer does with the cattle on pasture. Switching from cooking grain-fed to grass-fed beef requires a few very simple adjustments.
Las siete reglas del ganado vacuno rematado a pasto


Beef Cattle Marketing Options (series)

Eating Beef

  • Grass Fed Beef Taste Test Challenge - Does grass fed beef taste any different than grain fed beef? Which tastes better? Find out what makes them taste different and weigh in with your opinion!
  • Is grass fed beef tough or tender? - Is beef tenderness affected by what type of feed is used to fatten cattle for slaughter? And if there is no inherent difference in tenderness between grass fed and grain fed beef, then what else makes the difference between tender and tough beef? 
  • Marbling - Beef fat is essential to meat tenderness, but is marbling as important and as reliable as you think it is? And does marbling still matter when grass fed beef crosses your palate?

Tips and Tools

  • Soil Carbon Cowboys - Meet some of the ranchers using rotational grazing to build soil carbon, improve soil moisture, reduce erosion, and dramatically improve pasture productivity.

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