Grazing Strategies

The Core Grazing Rules

The seven core grazing rules discussed in this article series should be built into the very heart of your rotational grazing program.

Re-Creating a Herd Migration

Harnessing the power of the herd migration - how to use electric fences as the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator to control your most powerful farm tool - your grazing herd.

Grazing Management Summary

The Core Grazing Rules Summary - a handy stripped-down reference list of the seven core grazing rules that every grass fed beef producer needs to know in their sleep.

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Versión española: Las siete reglas fundamentales para una gestión exitosa del pastoreo

Daily Pasture Rotation

The Daily Pasture Rotation - (Grazing Rules # 1-4)
The day-to-day pasture management rules at the heart of all grazing programs.

La Rotación Diaria de Pradera

Versión española: La Rotación Diaria de Pradera

Grass Fed Cattle Feeding

The Grass-Fed Solution to Cattle Feeding - (Grazing Rule # 5)
Learn why it is always cheaper to raise beef cattle in a pasture rotation than by feeding cattle.

Resolviendo la alimentación del ganado alimentando a base de pasto

Versión española: Resolviendo la alimentación del ganado alimentando a base de pasto

Winter Pasture Preparation

Preparing Pastures for Winter Grazing - (Grazing Rule # 6)
Learn how to create the perfect winter pastures to extend your grazing season long after the growing season ends.

Winter Grazing Strategies

Winter Grazing Strategies - (Grazing Rule # 7)
How to manage your rotational grazing program after the growing season ends.

Rational Grazing - Interview with Daniel Suárez

Voisin-style Rational Grazing - interview with Daniel Suárez, cattle rancher and grazing educator.

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Version Española: El Pastoreo Racional Voisin - Entrevista.

Preparing Cattle for Winter Grazing

Continuing your grazing rotation during the winter is key to reducing your production costs. Articles in this group explain how to prepare your cattle herd to safely continue grazing during the winter months.

Raising Beef Cattle

Raising Beef Cattle on Grass - Learn how to prepare your cattle herd for your grazing conditions.

Cattle Body Condition Scoring

Cattle Body Condition Scores - How to monitor cattle body fat levels to optimize their health and fertility.

Training Cattle For Winter Grazing

Training Cattle for Winter Grazing - How to train cattle to graze through deep snow.

Livestock bedding during winter grazing

Livestock Bedding and Shelter During Winter Grazing - How to keep your cattle warm and dry while out on winter pasture.

Cattle Nutrition Tips

Cattle Nutrition Tips - strategies to safely reduce your cattle's nutritional requirements so you can extend your grazing season deeper into the winter.

Cattle Supplements and Minerals

NEW! Cattle Supplements and Minerals - A step-by-step guide to creating a mineral and cattle supplement program for your pasture rotation.

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Version Española: Suplementación Nutritivo Para El Ganado

Using Cattle and Electric Fences as Management Tools

These articles show how to use cow psychology and electric fences to shape grazing behavior and improve your land.

Pasture Improvement

Grass Improvement: pasture management with electric fences (Part I) - improving pasture yields, improving grass quality, loosening compacted soils, reseeding pastures.

Pasture Soil Fertility

Soil Fertility: pasture management with electric fences (Part II) - improving soil fertility, managing riparian areas, protecting sensitive areas.

Pasture Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture: pasture management with electric fences (Part III) - increasing soil moisture, drought management, erosion control.

Pasture Weeds

Weeds: pasture management with electric fences (Part IV) - eradicating pasture weeds.

Smart Electric Fence Grid

Beef Cattle Management - how to use your electric fence grid as your primary cattle management tool.

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