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Grass Fed Solutions is all about pasture-based cattle farming and serves an extension to my popular cattle farming book: Grass Fed Cattle: how to produce and market natural beef#CommissionsEarned. Cow/calf, stockers, grass finishing, pasture management - it's all covered here! 

The articles and tips on this site combine scientific research and practical hands-on experience to teach low-cost pasture-focused cattle ranching strategies. Whether you raise cattle for the commodity markets or finish beef for the rapidly growing grass fed beef sector, if you’re in the business of converting grass into beef, this site is for you.

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My most recent articles are always posted here, however the rest of the site is organized by topic to make it easy to explore subjects in greater depth.

About Me

Julius RuechelJulius Ruechel

I grew up on a very traditional farm in the mountains of south-central British Columbia, Canada. We had a commercial cow/calf herd, grew grain, and had a small backgrounding feedlot. In the late 1980’s my dad started experimenting with more pasture-focused cattle farming strategies as a way to improve cattle health, improve pasture yields, and reduce costs.

Working on a farm with hay fever isn’t fun, so I originally left to train as a geologist. However, my father was severely head-injured in a farming accident, so after university I returned to the farm for a few years while my siblings were still at school. 

At that time we were calving approximately 425 cows each year. Having a cattle herd of that size to test different grazing strategies, calving schedules, and management techniques (and see the consequences of my decisions in real time) was a really unique experience. 

Under my management we shifted the calving season to early June, started experimenting with winter grazing, eliminated the feedlot, switched to grazing yearlings, started developing a direct-marketing program for our various farm products, and began experimenting with grass finishing. 

(Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made using Amazon links in my post.)

Grass-Fed Cattle: How to Produce and Market Natural Beef

I briefly had my own cattle herd after I left the family farm and have done some consulting for other cattle farms. However, it was this unique period of time managing my parent’s cattle ranch that ignited my passion for teaching pasture-focused cattle farming strategies and led me to write my book Grass Fed Cattle: how to produce and market natural beef#CommissionsEarned and create this website.

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