Low-cost pasture-based cattle farming

If you are raising beef cattle or thinking of getting into the cattle farming business, you've come to the right place! On these pages, you will learn about:

  • low-cost cow-calf production,
  • innovative grazing and pasture management,
  • grass fed beef production strategies,
  • new pasture technologies,
  • the science of cattle and pastures.

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Where to Start

Beef Cattle Farming

Image Credit: John Fisher, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

And some more popular articles:

Low-Cost Cow-Calf Cattle Farming Strategies

Are you a low-cost cattle producer? These strategies will help you join that elite group of ranchers that remain profitable regardless of what the markets and weather are doing! 

Re-Creating a Herd Migration

Harnessing the power of the herd migration - how to use electric fences as the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator to control your most powerful farm tool - your grazing herd.

The Devastating Beef Changes Unleashed by Cattle Stress

The Devastating Beef Changes Unleashed by Cattle Stress - understanding this chain-of-events is the key to building a better cattle finishing program.

Beef Cattle Breeds

Beef Cattle Breeds - The step-by-step selection process to follow when choosing the perfect cattle breed (or breed combination) to suit your cattle farming strategy.

Drought Management Tips

Top 10 Drought Management Tips for your Cattle Pastures - these strategies are designed to help you navigate the challenges of a drought year by boosting pasture yields, protecting your plants, and reducing soil moisture losses. 

Mobile Cattle Water

Mobile Cattle Water - how to build your own mobile cattle watering system for your pasture rotation.

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