Hands-On Agronomy:
Understanding Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Use

Author: Neal Kinsey

Category: Soil Fertility


From the Back Cover: Neal Kinsey draws on his wide range of experience as a master consultant to deliver valuable knowledge in a entertaining, anecdotal style. Growers willing to learn from Kinsey will come to truly understand soil fertility - and not just from a theoretical point of view, but in a practical, "hands-on" manner that can be put to use in the field.

 - Learn how to balance soil nutrients for maximum yield.

 - Discover why simple N-P-K fertilization isn't enough.

 - Understand the proper use of manures, compost, tillage, micro-nutrients and more.

Kinsey gives us first-rate science that brings organiculture and conventional farming together on speaking terms...


Hands-On Agronomy

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Why I recommend this book

Hands-On Agronomy interprets soil test results for crops and pastures using the BCSR method (Base-cation saturation ratio, also known as the Albrecht Method), which is widely used in sustainable agriculture, rather than the traditional method used by most university laboratories. The traditional method focuses on keeping plant-available nutrient levels within a well-studied range. The BCSR method, by contrast, manages the ratios between individual cations (i.e. Calcium vs Magnesium) as well as managing the percentage saturation of the cation exchange capacity of the soil to create an 'ideal' or 'balanced' soil.

I have personally used the BCSR method for soil fertility management and have used Neal Kinsey's soil laboratory for soil testing and recommendations on both organic and conventionally managed fields. I was extremely happy with the results and so I highly recommend this book, not just based on how well written and well explained the concepts are, but also from personal experience using the Albrecht system and Neal's soil laboratory for fertilizer recommendations.

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