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1. Very Quick Intro

Hello and a warm welcome to Grass-Fed-Solutions.com! Thanks for dropping by.

This site is all about pasture-based cattle farming. It uses a combination of science and practical hands-on tips to explore the cattle farming industry, from cow-calf to stocker, grass-finishing, pasture management, and all points in between! It's written by Julius Ruechel, former commercial cattle rancher and author of Grass-Fed Cattle: How to Produce and Market Natural Beef.

On the site I put cattle, soil, and grass under the microscope to teach you how to increase the productivity and health of your cattle, soils, and pastures. And I provide lots of practical hands-on tips about how to set up and manage your cattle ranch.

I hope you like it!

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3. Find Topics That Interest You

The most recent articles are posted in the Blog.

Articles are organized by themes (i.e. Cattle, Grazing, Fencing, Water, Beef Production, etc) and many key topics are addressed through article series. For example, here is the Core Grazing Rules series for setting up your grazing program, the Smart Electric Fence Grid series about how to plan and build your grazing infrastructure, and the Seven Unbreakable Rules for Producing Great Beef for farmers who want to finish cattle for slaughter.

Alternately, you can browse through the Sitemap - it has every article on this website, organized by topic.

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