Pasture Perfect: How You Can Benefit from Choosing Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Products from Grass-Fed Animals

Author: Jo Robinson

Category: Grass Fed Beef, Health & Nutrition

Why I recommend this book

Jo Robinson is an investigative journalist focused on health and nutrition - which is reflected in her excellent writing. The farmer directory on her website - - is the most popular place to find farmers selling grass fed and organic products on the web - you may already have come across it on my Cattle Links page.

The prototype to this book, written for the health-conscious beef consumer and called Why Grass Fed Is Best, was a favorite on my bookshelf. This newer, expanded version, called Pasture Perfect, is even better. 


Pasture Perfect

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From the Publisher: This updated and expanded sequel to Jo Robinson’s enormously popular Why Grassfed Is Best explains the myriad benefits of eating meat, eggs and dairy products from grass-fed animals. 

Reader Reviews:

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