No Risk Ranching: Custom Grazing on Leased Land

Author: Greg Judy

Category: Cattle Farming, Ranch Management

Why I recommend this book

This book does a fantastic job of driving home the point that you don't need to own land to raise beef cattle for profit. Quite the contrary, the less money you tie up in land, the better. Greg Judy's business model is a must-read for anyone developing their cattle ranching business plan! Once you free yourself from the idea that you must own land to raise cattle, you'll find countless new possibilities opening up to you.


No Risk Ranching

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From the Publisher: After being forced to liquidate his herd to pay off debts, grazier Greg Judy tried a different approach — custom grazing on leased land. The operation allowed him to pay off his farm and home loans within three years. In this useful guide, Judy shares his hard-won knowledge of how to do it: finding idle land to lease; calculating the cost of a lease; drafting and writing a land lease contract; developing good water on leased land; figuring fencing costs; lowering risk through custom grazing; promoting wildlife and improving timber stands; using cost/share programs; keeping accurate records; and much more. No Risk Ranching was written to help others avoid the same mistakes Judy made while earning profits from grazing. Includes detailed contracts.

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