Knowledge Rich Ranching

Author: Allan Nation

Category: Cattle Farming, Ranch Management

Why I recommend this book

This book gets into the business end of running a beef cattle business - commodity cycles, farm finances, record keeping, replacement breeding stock, grazing strategies, farm inheritances, taxes and more. In other words, it dives into the money end of the cattle business. As the back cover says, it deals with "the way things really are, warts and all," and that makes this book essential reading for anyone involved in a commercial-scale beef cattle business! 


Knowledge Rich Ranching

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From the Publisher: In this book, Allan Nation shares the knowledge he has gathered over the past 25 years about land, leases, taxes, finance, the cattle cycle, management, production and more. In today’s cattle market, knowledge separates the rich from the rest — this book will give you the knowledge you need to be a more successful beef producer.

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