Holistic Management:
A Commensense Revolution to Restore Our Environment

Holistic Management

AuthorAllan Savory, Jody Butterfield

Holistic Management Handbook

AuthorJody Butterfield, Sam Bingham, Allan Savory

Category: Rangeland Management, Business Management

Why I recommend this book and the accompanying handbook:

Holistic Management teaches a holistic approach to business decision making, which integrates economic, social, and environmental factors into a single cohesive planning framework. 

The book (Holistic Management) teaches the principles of that decision making process. It lays the groundwork for how to see the long-term consequences of any business decision and explains the underlying environmental principles at the heart of holistic land management.

The handbook (Holistic Management Handbook) shows how to apply that decision making framework to a cattle business. It focuses on the practical application of the holistic planning process in a cattle ranching setting, complete with planning worksheets.

Holistic Management is not light reading - there is a lot to chew over. If you are looking for a book focused on practical hands-on tips, this is not the book to read! But if you want to learn a holistic approach to land management and a holistic approach to managing your business, then this book is essential reading.


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Holistic Management

Holistic Management#CommissionEarned

Holistic Management Handbook

Holistic Management Handbook#CommissionEarned

From the Publisher: Holistic Management shows that on the most fundamental level, environmental problems are caused by human management decisions rather than the commonly blamed culprits of environmental degradation, overpopulation, poor farming practices and lack of financial support. In considering humans, their economies and the environment as inseparable, the holistic management approach is intended as a revolutionary decision-making framework. It has been practiced by thousands of people around the world to profitably restore and promote the health of their land.

Holistic Management Handbook offers a detailed explanation of the planning procedures presented in Holistic Management and gives step-by-step guidance for implementing holistic management on a ranch or farm.

Reader Reviews:

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