Quality Pasture: How to create it, manage it, and profit from it

Author: Allan Nation

Category: Pasture Management

Why I recommend this book

As editor of the widely-read Stockman Grass Farmer and son of a cattleman, Allan Nation's wide-ranging travels around the world studying grassland farming systems shines through yet again in this practical book full of hands-on tips for anyone growing pasture and raising beef cattle.

Allan's books are always rich in practical advice and industry perspective; this is a must-read for anyone growing grass for cattle!


Quality Pasture: how to create it, manage it, and profit from it, by Allan Nation

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From the Back Cover: Quality Pasture offers down-to-earth, low-cost tactics to create high-energy pasture that will reduce or eliminate expensive inputs or purchased feeds. Quality Pasture is the first book of its kind directed solely towards farmers like you who are beginning or practicing management-intensive grazing with ruminant livestock.

Chapters cover: extending the grazing season during winter and summer slumps, matching stocking rates with pasture growth rate, how to create a drought management plan, tips for wet weather grazing, and a detailed section on making pasture silage.

Reader Reviews:

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