Grass Fed Cattle: How to Produce and Market Natural Beef

Grass-Fed Cattle: How to produce and market natural beef

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    PART ONE: The Fundamentals of Grass-Based Beef

  1. The Great Herds and Their Grasslands

  2. The Ticking of Geologic Time • The Great Herds • Lessons from the Herd
  3. Genetics and Breeding: Selecting the Right Animals for Your Herd

  4. The Pitfalls of Single-Trait Selection • Environment and Climate • Characteristics of the Ideal Breeding Animal • Culling Animals: Training Your Predatory Eye • Breeding for Your Target Market
  5. The Cattle Year on Grass

  6. The Calving Season and Predator Exposure • The Calf: Birth to Sexual Development • The Heifer Calf: Sexual Development to Calving • Photoperiod: Sunlight and Fertility • The Bull Calf: Sexual Development to Breeding • Cattle Processing: The Human Role in the Cattle Year • Marketing Grass Fed Cattle • Moving the Calving Season
  7. Grass and Grazing

  8. The Rumen: The Forge that Turns Grass into Beef • Root Reserves and the Ideal Grazing Interval • A Recipe for Healthy Soil • Grass Varieties • Rejuvenating Old Pastures

    PART TWO: Infrastructure and Management

  9. Electric Fences and Rotational Grazing

  10. Factors to Consider • Energizers • Permanent Wires • Posts and Braces • Insulators • Permanent Gates • Portable Electric Fencing • Training Cattle to Respect Electric Fences • Understanding the Goals of Pasture Rotation • Pasture Rotation: Herd Migration in Your Own Backyard • Training the Herd for Pasture Moves • Managing the Calving Season on Pasture
  11. Livestock Water

  12. How Much Water Do Cattle Need to Drink? • Peak Water Supply • Water Quality • Direct Access to Open Water • Pumping Water • Water Storage • Piping Water • Cattle Behaviour at the Water Trough • Rotational Grazing Patterns and Water • Laying Pipe • Winter-Grazing Patterns and Water • Watershed Conservation: Managing Riparian Areas
  13. Planning for Winter Grazing

  14. Winter Grazing: The Twelve-Month Plan • Supplementation and Forage Analyses • Low-Cost Winter Feed for the Transition to Winter Grazing
  15. Planning for Drought

  16. A History Lesson • Preparing a Drought Plan
  17. Managing Your Herd

  18. Integrated Herd Management • Low-Stress Handling
  19. Pests, Parasites, and Diseases

  20. The Mechanisms of Disease • Preventing Disease • Specific Diseases, Pests, and Parasites • Making Healthy Soil for Healthy Animals • Complementary Grazing Species
  21. Soil Fertility

  22. The Importance of Soil Analyses • What Does the Cow Think of Soil Fertility? • How Healthy Soil and Grass Work • Calcium and Magnesium Revisited: Proper Ratios are Critical • Organic Matter, Humus, and Nitrogen • The Scoop on Macronutrients • And a Pinch of Micronutrients
  23. Weeds

  24. What Is a Weed? • Variety Is All • When and Why Certain Plants Emerge • Quick Fixes Versus Long-Term Solutions • Educate Yourself, Then Put Your Cattle to Work • Weeds to Remedy Nutrient Deficiencies
  25. Soil Moisture and Irrigation

  26. Decreasing Evaporation • Reducing Runoff • Increasing Water Infiltration • Take Responsibility for Water • The Disadvantages of Irrigation • Calculating Your Irrigation Needs

    PART THREE: Business Planning and Marketing

  27. Land and Equipment

  28. Acquiring Land for your Natural, Grass-Based Cattle Enterprise • Equipment
  29. Market Options

  30. Commodity-Market Opportunities • Niche-Market Opportunities • Determining Your Target Market • Three Case Studies
  31. Stocker Cattle

  32. The Cattle Cycle • Sell/Buy Economics • Stocker Logistics
  33. Grass-Finished Beef

  34. The Art of Grass-Finishing • The Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef • Lessons from the Slaughterhouse • Cutting and Wrapping • Inspections • Pricing Your Meat • Pickup and Delivery • Cooking Grass-Fed Beef
  35. Organic Certification

  36. Seeking Certification After the Transition • Headaches of the Certification Process • Choosing the Best • Solving the Most Common Challenges
  37. Dynamic Marketing

  38. Developing a Profile of Your Target Customers • Demystifying Product Labels • Your Advertising Strategy and Label • Market Exposure
  39. Helpful Business-Management Tools

  40. Importance and Urgency • Getting the Biggest Bang for your Buck • Weighing Decisions, Solving Problems, and Handling Crises • 10 Percent Chance, 90 Percent Work • Your Unfair Advantage

    PART FOUR: Your Business Plan: Putting Principles into Practice

  41. Your Goals and Market Opportunities

  42. Your Business Plan • Starting with Goals • Your Goals • Assessing Your Market Environment
  43. Your Financial Plans

  44. Determining the Focus of Your Business • Conscious Profit Planning • Determining the Price of Your Direct-Marketed Beef
  45. Your Cattle Year on Grass

  46. Planning the Ideal Cattle Year on Grass
  47. Your Grazing Infrastructure

  48. Planning for Your Herd's Water Requirements • Preparing Your Farm Map • Piping Water
  49. Your Grazing Plan

  50. Your Summer-Grazing Plan • Your Winter-Grazing Plan: Managing the Grass Reserve • The Winter Grazing Map
  51. Your Herd Nutrition Plan

  52. Developing Your Herd Nutrition Program • Procuring Samples for Forage Analyses • What the Livestock Nutritionist Needs to Know • Locating a Livestock Nutritionist • Formulating Supplements and Monitoring BCS
  53. Your Grass-Finishing Plan

  54. Grass-Finishing Essentials • Slaughterhouse Considerations
  55. Your Marketing Plan

  56. Developing Profiles of Your Target Customers • Designing Your Product Label • Formulating an Advertising Strategy
  57. Planning for Adversity

  58. Drought • Financial Preparedness • Crisis Management
  59. Planning for Change

  60. Committing to the Change • Plan Thoroughly • Moving the Calving Season • Turning on Your Herd's Migration • Switching to Winter Grazing • Making Additional Changes

Grass Fed Cattle

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