Electric Fence
Planning & Construction Guide

Electric Fencing Principles

Re-Creating a Herd Migration

Harnessing the power of the herd migration - how to use electric fences as the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator to control your most powerful farm tool - your grazing herd.

Cattle fences are your 3-D farm plan

The 3-dimensional farm plan - how to use your cattle fence layout to create your grass-fed production plan.

Training Cattle to Electric Fences

Training cattle to electric fences - create effective psychological barriers in the minds of your cattle.

The Smart Electric Fence Grid - Planning & Construction

This article series explains how to use a combination of permanent and portable electric cross-fences to create the simplest, most efficient, and cheapest cattle fencing solution.

   I.    Permanent Electric Fence Corridors

Permanent Electric Fence Planning

Planning Your Electric Cattle Fence Installation

Permanent Electric Fence Construction

Construction Tips for Building Permanent Electric Cattle Fences

   II.    Portable Electric Cross-Fences

Portable Electric Fence Planning

Portable Electric Fence Design & Layout

Portable Electric Fence Construction

Construction Tips for Building Portable Electric Cross-Fences

   III.   Integrating Cattle Water into your Electric Fence Grid

Cattle Water in the Pasture Rotation

Cattle Water + Electric Cattle Fencing

   IV.    Electric Fencing and Cattle Water in the Winter

Grazing and Water during the winter pasture rotation

Grazing & Water During the Winter Pasture Rotation

Winter Fencing Tips

Electric Fencing in Winter

Example Cattle Farm Plan

This example farm plan showcases the complete infrastructure and year-round grazing management of a cattle ranch, from cow/calf to grass-finished.

Electric Cattle Fence - Planning & Construction Tips

More tips on how to plan and construct your grazing infrastructure...

Cattle Management Farm Plan

Tips for drawing your cattle management farm plan - Handy tips on how to plan your electric cattle fence installation and grazing strategies using map layers.

Existing Cattle Fences

Dealing with existing cattle fences - Fence planning advice for farmers with pre-established infrastructure.

Temporary Gates + Electric Fence Insulators

Swivel-Lock Insulators - How to create instant temporary gates anywhere in your electric cattle fence grid.

Pasture Calving

Calving on pasture - how to set up and manage your electric fencing grid and pasture rotation for calving on pasture.

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Test your electric fencing skills!


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