Beef Producer's Guide

The Art of Grass Finishing

The seven unbreakable rules for producing great beef

The seven unbreakable rules for producing great beef - break any one of these rules and all your beef finishing efforts will be wasted. Obey them and you will consistently produce tender, nutrient-rich, flavorful beef. (Intro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Las siete reglas del ganado vacuno rematado a pasto

NEW! Version española: Las siete reglas del ganado vacuno rematado a pasto

The Devastating Beef Changes Unleashed by Cattle Stress

NEW! The Devastating Beef Changes Unleashed by Cattle Stress - understanding this chain-of-events is the key to building a better cattle finishing program.

Target Slaughter Weight - Are Your Cattle Fat Enough When They Go To Market

NEW! How to calculate target slaughter weights for your beef cattle finishing program.

Grazing Alfalfa

Grazing Alfalfa - Are you brave enough to try it with your cattle?

Pasture Beef Production

Is grass fed beef more expensive to produce than grain fed beef?  

Marketing and Money

Beef Cattle Marketing Pipeline

Beef Cattle Marketing Options (part 1):

Beef Cattle Marketing - Team Approach

Beef Cattle Marketing Options (part 2):

Cattle Auction

Beef Cattle Marketing Options (part 3):

Cattle Handling Stress - how much is it costing you?

Cattle Handling Stress and Cattle Shrink - How Much Are They Costing You?

Beef Farming Tips

The Top 9 ways to reduce beef cattle farming expenses - here are the nine biggest costs affecting both conventional and grass fed cattle farms, along with suggestions for what to do about it!

Reducing Cattle Shrink - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Fact Sheet

Reduce Cattle Shrink (offsite link) - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture factsheet about the unnecessary weight loss caused by stressful cattle handling during processing, transport, and marketing.

How to direct market your beef

How to Direct Market Your Beef (offsite link) - free online book by Jan and Will Holder in which they provide advice and share their experiences building their direct-marketing pipeline for their beef.

Beef In The Kitchen

Grass Fed Beef Taste Test Challenge

Grass Fed Beef Taste Test Challenge - Does grass fed beef taste different than grain fed beef? Which do you prefer?

Beef Marbling

Marbling - Beef fat is essential to meat tenderness, but is marbling as important and as reliable as you think it is? 

Grass Fed Beef Cooking Instructions

How to cook grass fed beef - Discover the subtle differences between cooking grass fed versus grain fed beef!

Beef Tenderness

Is grass fed beef tough or tender? - Find out if beef tenderness affected by what cattle eat!

Beef Fat

Why is grass fed beef fat yellow? - Fat color depends on what cattle eat. Grass contains beta-carotene. Grain does not. Learn more about grass fed beef and why it is so healthy for you!

Beef at the Store

Argentine Beef For Sale

Grass Fed Beef Buying Tips- Tips for becoming an informed beef consumer and knowing what questions to ask to gauge tenderness and flavor. 

Grass Fed vs Grain Fed Beef

Comparing Grassfed Beef to Grainfed Beef - how diet affect cattle and why this should matter to the humans who eat their beef.

Grass Fed Beef - Marketing Label

Grass Fed Beef - the marketing label vs the farming strategy!

Happy Cow

Test your grass finishing knowledge...


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