Greener Pastures on Your Side of the Fence: 
Better Farming With Voisin Management-Intensive Grazing

Author: Bill Murphy

Category: Pasture Management, Rotational Grazing

Why I recommend this book

This popular book (already in its 4th edition) does a fantastic job of dissecting how to set up and manage a rotational grazing program (also known as management intensive grazing). It's one of the best rotational grazing books out there!


Greener Pastures On Your Side Of The Fence

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From the Back Cover: If you're feeding livestock in confinement rather than on pasture, you're working too hard and spending too much money. Your permanent pasture is a valuable resource that up till now has been wasted. 

Forget about how pastures are. Think about how they could be if they were managed with the same amount of attention that you give to crops such as alfalfa, corn, and soybeans. Voisin management intensive grazing takes into account the needs of both animals and plants, rather than animals alone. Its use can at least double or triple your pasture's productivity.

This book explains why and how to use Voisin's method, and what to expect from its use. It shows a way to simplify your farm operation, reduce its labor needs, increase its profitability, and improve your quality of life.

But don't believe me. Try it! Then you will know that it works. And no one ever again will be able to tell you that you can't produce livestock products profitably on pasture.

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