Grassfed to Finish: A Production Guide to Gourmet Grass-Finished Beef

Author: Allan Nation

Category: Cattle Ranching, Grass Fed Beef Production

Why I recommend this book

In Grassfed To Finish, Allan Nation (author and editor of the Stockman Grass Farmer newspaper) goes through all the integral steps that farmers must address when putting together their own grass finishing programs. He also features proven ranch prototypes from Argentina, Ireland, and New Zealand, to help you put together the grass-finishing strategy that best suits your farm. If you plan on grass finishing cattle for slaughter, this book is an essential resource!


Grassfed To Finish

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From the Publisher: Are you missing out on America's hottest farm product? Grass-finished beef is hot - so hot that demand out paces supply.

Educated consumers have learned about the health benefits - fighting heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity - and are clamoring for it. Producers are rushing to answer their cry, and in the process are harvesting beeves too early, using the wrong genetics, and grazing less than desirable pasture systems. The result is a mishmash of product that is all too frequently tough and flavorless, causing consumers to rethink their choices and give up on grassfed.

Grassfed to Finish shows producers who are willing to take the time and care required how to create a consistently tender, flavorful, gourmet grassfed product all year long. And grass-finished beef can be produced virtually everywhere in North America if adequate moisture is available. In the process gourmet grass-finished beef can earn between $600 and $1000 a head, or more while satisfying customers who will continue to choose gourmet grass-finished beef for life.

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